Surviving Valentine’s Day as a Singleton

DISCLAIMER: This guide does not condone violence against couples. No matter how smug and self-contented they are. Because Christmas and New Year’s as a single person is apparently not depressing enough, the thoughtful folks in card shops decide to start selling Valentine’s Day merchandise immediately after to ensure you don’t forget to drink two bottles […]

Feeling The Grinch Pinch…

Christmas. What a magical time of year, that should be banned until the 1st of December but isn’t so by the time it’s December 25th you want to shove pine needles in your eyeballs if you have to listen to Slade one more time. Aah, so magical. And expensive. But don’t worry! A style savvy […]

Victoria’s Secret Annual ‘Put Down That Pie and Go to the Gym’ Show

If the image of Rosie Huntington-Whitely frolicking scantily-clad through a forest on the Christmas M&S advert isn’t enough to make you feel horrible as you shovel Quality Street into your face, then behold! The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is here to showcase fabulous new lingerie designs/tip you over the edge. The bevy of impossibly tall […]

Kanye West Not In Paris, Not Going Gorillas

  A spokesperson for Kanye West’s label DW has confirmed he will no longer be showing his latest collection at Paris Fashion Week. I wonder if this is something to do with the fact that Kanye’s time has been monopolised by reality television and home movie ‘superstar’ Kim Kardashian, or possibly because the collection has […]

White Stilettos – Cheap Or Chic?

A few years ago, it wouldn’t have even been up for discussion. I’m not sure exactly why, but for me they’ve always exuded a kind of cheapness and vulgarity (OK maybe not always, I did have some white stiletto cowboy boots back in the day but I’m pretty sure I’ve destroyed all photographic evidence so […]

Hats Off To Ascot

I adore hats, the weirder the better, so I get really excited for Royal Ascot. I’m a little bitter, as I was supposed to be going this year but was unable due to other commitments, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the pictures! And I’ll make up for it with some extra outlandish headgear […]

STTM Salutes ‘The Hooligan Of British Fashion’ – Alexander McQueen

All any of us can hope for in life is that we leave some kind of legacy when it’s over. Few people have had the kind of impact on the fashion industry like that of the late Alexander McQueen, and although sadly the fashion house has to continue without his talent and direction, Sarah Burton, […]