Fashionista Of The Day

Fashionista Of The Day: Grace Kelly

It’s been more than 30 years since Princess Grace of Monaco died, but her chic, elegant, flawless style is timeless, with women the world over still attempting to emulate some of that wholesome glamour. Grace was wealthy even before she went on to be a model, a movie star and then a princess as her […]

Fashionista Of The Day: Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks is a rapper, singer and songwriter from Harlem, New York.  She’s been recording for a few years but her single 212, released at the beginning of the year, really put her on the map in terms of both music and fashion. A lot of the fashionistas I feature catch my eye because their […]

Fashionista Of The Day: Marina Diamandis

Vintage, Cheerleader, Cartoon. That is how Marina Diamandis (better known by her stage name, Marina and the Diamonds) describes her style in three words. Her look has aspects of vintage Americana with a twist of Old Hollywood, just more quirky and fun. She does dark and brooding as well as she does wacky and offbeat. When […]

Fashionista Of The Day: Dita Von Teese

  OK, some of you might see a pattern emerging here. I love love love vintage. Has anyone seen inside Dita’s house? I nearly died of jealousy. That is dedication to vintage, transporting your entire life back to the 40s and just living in a totally fabulous time warp every day. Dita is obsessed, as […]

Fashionista Of The Day: Audrey Hepburn

Audrey is clearly the most iconic fashionista featured so far on FOTD. It’s been over 50 years since her most celebrate role as Holly Golightly in Breakfast At Tiffany’s, and her image is still very current, and no wonder – her style is simple, classic and timeless, and the Givenchy Holly Golightly dress is one […]

Fashionista Of The Day: Janelle Monae

I was a bit reluctant to choose Janelle as my FOTD so soon after doing a piece on Marlene Dietrich’s androgynous yet feminine style, but every Fashionista is different, and the fact that Janelle’s style is a modern interpretation makes it a completely different ball game in my eyes. And anyway, when you look this […]

Fashionista Of The Day: Lana Del Rey

  Lana Del Rey is a singer-songwriter from New York, with a musical style being described by her record label as ‘gangsta Nancy Sinatra’, and you could say her fashion sense has similar aspects. Her look has influences from vintage Americana, 60s siren and a slight preppy twist. Her big brown eyes, bee-stung lips and […]