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Fashionista Of The Day: Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks is a rapper, singer and songwriter from Harlem, New York.  She’s been recording for a few years but her single 212, released at the beginning of the year, really put her on the map in terms of both music and fashion.

A lot of the fashionistas I feature catch my eye because their look is so polished and together that it takes commitment and effort to maintain, which is commendable. But there’s something about Azealia’s style that’s just so carefree – she says herself that she ‘wears a lot of clothes that are going to get dirty and look cool once they get dirty’. Don’t get me wrong, she scrubs up really well and can look fabulous and polished when she wants to, but she doesn’t feel the need to all the time, which is really refreshing. I think you know you’ve really made it as a recognised fashionista when you can roll out of your house in an outfit you could have easily been wearing in bed with only a cute bag and trendy sunglasses to accessorize and people admire your effortlessly cool ensemble.

Today the 21 year old rapper is in Milan opening the new Just Cavalli flagship store, having already been selected by Alexander Wang as the face of his latest collection, so it’s safe to say the fashion world are sitting up and taking notice of this budding fashion icon.

If you’ve seen the 212 video, you’ll know she looks cool and casual, with a Mickey Mouse jumper, cutoffs and her hair in pigtails. It’s an adorable, simple concept which looks like she’s thrown on anything and got one of her friends that owns a video camera to film her rapping in front of a wall. Fast forward to the video for Van Vogue, and she’s transformed into a sexy, high fashion vixen, cavorting in a shallow swimming pool and wearing some uh-mazing outfits. It just goes to show she can pull off any look with ease, and that kind of versatility is going to serve her well in her musical career as well as in the style stakes. She’s a fresh and exciting new talent, not afraid to take risks and do what she feels is right, and that’s apparent in her eclectic fashion sense. I’m looking forward to her look evolving and growing, and expecting big things from her musically.


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