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Looking Good, Baby


This week, singer Adele announced she is expecting her first child. Being very private and unconcerned with the celebrity lifestyle, my bet is she’s not going to be one for tottering around in 6 inch heels at 8 months like some famous expectant mothers. Some think it’s a time for embracing comfort, while others feel that they shouldn’t have to abandon their own style or wardrobe for the best part of a year. Either way, being pregnant can definitely throw a bump shaped spanner in the works for even the most stylish ladies when it comes to picking an outfit. I would like to say that even though I’m about to cruelly judge the maternity wardrobes of celebrities, it’s a truly magical time, all pregnant women are beautiful, blah blah blah…


Kourtney Kardashian


Still no baby for Kourtney? Looks like she’s following in the footsteps of Jessica ‘doesn’t it seem like I’ve been pregnant for about two years’ Simpson. She seems ready to pop any moment, but still looks effortlessly chic. A lot of her pregnancy outfit choices have been minimalistic, favouring simple maxis and floaty dresses, but she has always looked radiant and comfortable, which is quite a feat.





Aah, Snooki. Many thought that when the notorious party girl announced she was knocked up, she might tone down her garish outfits and hang up her towering stilettos. Many were wrong. The high hemlines, plunging necklines and abundance of animal prints show no signs of disappearing. Snooki has pledged to dramatically scale back her partying to a more moderate level, which is the most important change after all.



Kristin Cavallari


I’m not a huge fan of Kristin Cavallari, in fact I actively disliked her on The Hills, but I have always admired her style and her choice of maternity wear is no exception. Her look is perhaps a little more relaxed and she appears to be wearing more flats than usual, but she’s still looking impeccably put together.



Uma Thurman


Uma Thurman definitely falls into the ‘comfort’ category. My, she looks comfy. Perhaps a little too comfy to be outside, but hey, as we all know half the fun of pregnancy is you can do whatever the hell you feel like all the time. I suppose that includes crimes against fashion, but don’t push your luck Uma.



Sienna Miller



And at completely the other end of the spectrum, we have Sienna Miller. I think we could all anticipate that Sienna would be rocking highly fashionable maternity wear, and she seems to have found an elegant balance between comfort and style, while of course staying true to her trademark boho-babe look.


What do you think of the outfits featured in this article? Let me know below…


One comment on “Looking Good, Baby

  1. When I see posts like this I realise I am not a wee lass anymore- Uma and Sienna pregnant, it just seems like yesterday that Uma was a bright young thing starring in Dangerous Liasons and Sieanna was the toast of boho chic. Tsigh, I ain’t a fan of Kristen either. but I like her ensembles best.

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