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Fashionista Of The Day: Marina Diamandis

Vintage, Cheerleader, Cartoon.

That is how Marina Diamandis (better known by her stage name, Marina and the Diamonds) describes her style in three words. Her look has aspects of vintage Americana with a twist of Old Hollywood, just more quirky and fun. She does dark and brooding as well as she does wacky and offbeat. When researching her for FOTD, I really identified with the way she varies her style in a similar way to me; it can really differ from one day to the next depending on your mood, and that’s one of the most amazing things about fashion – it’s a form of personal expression.

We really got an insight into her day to day style when she was featured on www.vogue.com‘s ‘Today I’m Wearing’ photo blog, which showcased her outfits daily throughout November 2010. We get to see her dressed up, dressed down, glammed up for photo shoots and chilling on her tour bus. She cruises from biker chic to cute and girly, her attire an eclectic mix of high street, designer and vintage.

Marina in Jeremy Scott jogging bottoms and a Wildfox Tee

Marina in a £70 Sportmax coat from a Notting Hill vintage shop and Chanel pumps

Marina in a Moschino T-shirt

I first heard of her when she released her first album, but it’s only since the recent release of her second album, Electra Heart, that I’ve been able to recognise her songs on the radio and find myself singing along to her catchy, sort of indie sort of poppy tunes. After seeing her performing her wonderful track ‘Primadonna’ on The Graham Norton Show, I loved what she was wearing, and also really liked her Brigitte Bardot-esque hair and make-up.

She describes herself as a ‘DIY musician’, claiming she ‘doesn’t really know what she’s doing’, which I guess means she does what she darn well feels like, and because she’s passionate about it and puts her heart into it, it turns out really great. I think the same can be applied to her style; sometimes it’s a gothic inspired, preppy look, sometimes it’s one of her collection of vintage cheerleader jackets….and sometimes it’s a giant cartoon hippo.


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