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Hats Off To Ascot

I adore hats, the weirder the better, so I get really excited for Royal Ascot. I’m a little bitter, as I was supposed to be going this year but was unable due to other commitments, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the pictures! And I’ll make up for it with some extra outlandish headgear next year.

Let’s start with Jackie St. Clair, one of Simon Cowell’s many exes, in this enormous patriotic bow. Am I the only one who really likes this? I often stand alone when it comes to opinions on headgear (a certain royal wedding incident springs to mind) but as a big Philip Treacy fan it would take a lot for me to disapprove of a bizarre hats.

This race-goer is wearing a Full English fry-up on her head. Doesn’t get much more patriotic than that!

A piano keyboard hat here. I’m very into piano-themed accessories at the moment, and love the shape and style of this piece.

Aah, Anneka Tanaka-Svenska in this fabulously extraordinary number. You have to really make a commitment to the look to sport a birdcage on your head. I think it looks amazing.

Model Carla Creegan is wearing a piece made from work by a UK artist, and the pearls set it off perfectly.

This is one of my faves. Everybody loves Love Hearts, so a giant one in hat form is doubly fab. Fine Filly indeed.

This lady can’t wait for the Olympics next month!

And this one is enjoying the Euros with this Subbuteo-themed headpiece.

Tea and cakes, anyone?

Tracy rose was very matchy matchy, right down to her super long nails.

This year hasn’t disappointed in the fashion stakes. Were you at Ascot? I would love to see your pics of any notable looks I’ve missed, especially your own!

Jolivette xx


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