Fashionista Of The Day: Dita Von Teese


OK, some of you might see a pattern emerging here. I love love love vintage. Has anyone seen inside Dita’s house? I nearly died of jealousy. That is dedication to vintage, transporting your entire life back to the 40s and just living in a totally fabulous time warp every day. Dita is obsessed, as I am, with luxurious lingerie, and adores sexy stockings, basques and corsets. Many people think she’s just a burlesque dancer who got lucky and found fame, but Dita (real name Heather Sweet) worked as a buyer in a lingerie shop, studied Historic Costuming at University and is a trained Costume Designer, so she definitely knows a thing or two about elaborate undies and period apparel.



I have featured other Fashionistas who like Dita have cultivated a certain image around a signature style, which I admire because a) it takes hard work to maintain a look and you really need a great passion for a particular presentation, and b) it’s also good business sense in that it helps you find a target audience and build up a fan base, helps companies know what to book you for, etc. And Dita definitely has beauty and business savvy, having created her own line of lingerie, written a book about Burlesque and released a perfume as well as being a dancer, model and even landing the odd acting job. She is a sultry, seductive beauty who adores Marc Jacobs, Christian Dior and Vivienne Westwood among others. She is desired by men and envied by women, gracing the pages of women’s glossies such as Vogue as well as the magazine of choice for any red-blooded male, Playboy.


And with great style comes great responsibility. Although her appearance is a little racy, I think she’s a great role model. She shows us pale skin is beautiful in a time when girls are slapping on layers of fake tan and frazzling under sunbeds. She’s upfront about the fact her boobs are artificial, and her tiny waist has been aided by years of wearing corsets, as well as the fact that her beauty spot isn’t real. She’s her own stylist, make-up artist and hairdresser, even dying her lighter locks black herself. She’s very involved with charity, and to top it all of she was straight out the door when her husband of only a year cheated on her, stating in an interview that she ‘couldn’t be part of that’, a strong and difficult decision to make.

Plus she looks spectacular in a giant martini glass.







4 comments on “Fashionista Of The Day: Dita Von Teese

  1. She is beautiful with true style. I love vintage what scares me is that the 70’s & 80s is vintage.

  2. wow, Dita is sensational isn’t she!

  3. i know she is so elegant, very jealous!

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