Fashionista Of The Day: Lana Del Rey


Lana Del Rey is a singer-songwriter from New York, with a musical style being described by her record label as ‘gangsta Nancy Sinatra’, and you could say her fashion sense has similar aspects. Her look has influences from vintage Americana, 60s siren and a slight preppy twist. Her big brown eyes, bee-stung lips and immaculate retro, Bardot-inspired hair allows her to carry off this look with great ease looking effortlessly chic.




Although she deserves praise for her fashion choices, it’s clearly something that didn’t happen by accident. Her early career using her real name Lizzy Grant, was a bit of a flop. And if you have a look at this picture of her performing, you can see there is no connection between the style of Lizzy Grant and that of Lana Del Rey. The entire image of the latter has clearly been carefully cultivated – I’m loathed to use the word ‘manufactured’, but a lot of work has been put into a complete overhaul before launching work under the pseudonym Lana Del Rey.


Not that I’m slating her – it’s obviously brilliant business sense and has paid off for her, but it does make you wonder how much if it is down to her choice. Nevertheless, I am really feeling the look, and I think her style of music and her public persona overall have come at a perfect time to be accepted by the public, and quite right too, she has a unique talent and deserves success.







2 comments on “Fashionista Of The Day: Lana Del Rey

  1. Oh, I love her! Her style, her Del Rey Mulberry bag, her music. She looks absolutely wonderful. xx


  2. i know, she looks great! the look really suits her music as well which really helps sell the whole package xx

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