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Fashionista Of The Day: Rita Ora

The song ‘Hot Right Now’ by DJ Fresh ft. Rita Ora reminds me of when we had about 4 days of sun (and that was our lot it appears) a couple of months ago, when it was starting to get some serious airplay. Cruising around in a friend’s convertible, it was the perfect summery tune to get excited about. It wasn’t until I was flipping through the music channels that I came across the video and noticed her fab style. She looks effortlessly cool in a customised leather jacket and her trademark mass of gold costume jewellery. She also gets to show off her gorgeous bod in some high-waisted hot pants and bralet top. The video is a really fun burst of colour, which is right on trend what with the glorious kaleidoscope of neons, pastels, greens pinks and oranges that are illuminating the fashion world at the moment.


And since she exploded on to the scene and inevitably on to the pages of fashion mags and websites, I, along with many others, became obsessed with her eclectic fashion sense. There seems to be a little bit of Gwen Stefani ‘s bold, colourful vintage style in there, a dash of Rihanna’s fresh urban look,  and she can also do elegant Old Hollywood at a fancy evening do like the best of them. She reminds me a little of my style in that it’s all a bit of a mishmash; I can be out all day in Converses, funky tights with denim shorts and a leather jacket, then transform into a vintage glamour puss for the evening with little more than a quick up-do, classic dress and a slick of red lipstick. No boxes, just ‘If you like it, wear it’, and to me that’s what fashion is all about, having fun and experimenting. I’m looking forward to many more chart hits and fashion hits from Rita!


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