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Things I Learned From The Women’s Institute

  Aah, the WI. Those two little letters conjure up images of little old ladies knitting, making scones, drinking tea and flower arranging (I’m sure they do a lot more than that, and I apologise for my shameful stereotyping). But the WI has long been a great resource for handy little tips that have definitely […]

Fashionista Of The Day: Marina Diamandis

Vintage, Cheerleader, Cartoon. That is how Marina Diamandis (better known by her stage name, Marina and the Diamonds) describes her style in three words. Her look has aspects of vintage Americana with a twist of Old Hollywood, just more quirky and fun. She does dark and brooding as well as she does wacky and offbeat. When […]

Hats Off To Ascot

I adore hats, the weirder the better, so I get really excited for Royal Ascot. I’m a little bitter, as I was supposed to be going this year but was unable due to other commitments, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the pictures! And I’ll make up for it with some extra outlandish headgear […]

“Quick! Get The Back Up Dress!”

It’s happened to me before. You’ve spent hours getting ready, perfectly coiffing your hair, delicately applying your make-up, and most importantly pouring yourself into your fabulous new dress. You hit the town feeling a million dollars, cocktail in hand, commanding the room and scanning the venue, until – BAM – across the room is a […]

This Week I’m Loving…

I’m partly writing this in case one of you is secretly loaded and for some reason wants me to have all the things I’m obsessing about at the moment. But mostly just want to share what’s on my radar this week! Brian Attwood Adara Cheetah-Print Calf Hair Pumps These cute Brian Attwoods are a must […]

Fashionista Of The Day: Dita Von Teese

  OK, some of you might see a pattern emerging here. I love love love vintage. Has anyone seen inside Dita’s house? I nearly died of jealousy. That is dedication to vintage, transporting your entire life back to the 40s and just living in a totally fabulous time warp every day. Dita is obsessed, as […]

Jolivette xx

Look out for my cool range of t-shirts and vests for a simple, super stylish look at recession-busting prices. At the moment they are just being snapped up by friends, but the chance to buy will soon be available to all! Pics will be available ASAP, and when they are I am also happy to […]